A Dutch Review: You

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I was getting bombarded at work with people telling me to watch this. We are all constantly giving each other different movies and shows to watch so we have something to discuss other than the oh-so-much joy of our work day.

Now, we are very eclectic at work when it comes to what we watch: everything from Game of Thrones to 90 Day Fiancé. So when this was introduced to me, I was told that it was a fuck-with-your-mind style of a show, and I was definitely interested.

I went home and decided to let it run while I was doing some craft stuff. I like having the background noise going when I am working on something. Even now as I am typing this up I have the Greatest Rock and Roll of Vietnam playing in the background. The show's opening scene is in a bookstore with a fairly attractive male working there. I started watching more out of the corner of my eye, and before I knew it, less than halfway into the first episode, I had already dropped what I was doing and found myself with a blanket on my lap and a pillow in my arms. The show actually got me pretty quickly.

Netflix Original Series: YOU
Season: 1
Year: 2018
Episodes: 10

The story starts off simply enough with you believing that this is going to be a sweet love story about a guy who finds his dream girl at a homegrown bookstore where he works. As this is mostly true.

I will guarantee I am not a chick flick kinda gal. If I had any inclination that this would be one of those 'hey girls, lets drink wine, eat some ice cream, and cry over this sweet love story on the Lifetime Channel' type of show, I wouldn’t have even given it a chance. But I was told that it gets freaky. Not whips and chains sex freaky, but 'oh my god why the fuck can’t you see what is going on right in front of you' freaky.

So, boy falls in love with girl and girl falls in love with boy, but not before boy needs to take care of a few things in his way and stalk the hell out of the girl. The show is narrated throughout by the main character, Joe Goldberg, which I enjoyed. I liked that he was opening up his thought process while doing the things he was doing. Guinevere Beck also shares her thoughts as to what is going on, which gives the show a very personal feeling as if you know something that someone else doesn’t know. These side thoughts and narration help keep the story going fairly smoothly and help transition into new things that happen.

I was glad the story was not 100 percent predictable. Boy stalks girl and shows up everywhere she is tends to get predictable, but there are a lot of curve balls thrown in with other relationships and outside influences. One of my favorite characters is the little boy next door, Paco. He's is the best. He lives in a shitty situation, but Joe treats him like the son he never had. Paco’s story is separate but gets intertwined with all the other stories. You feel for Paco. You love Paco. If you don’t love Paco, you are not human.

YOU can be classified as a psychological drama. It's not the kind that is keeping you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and screaming, "Oh no! look behind you!" It is the kind that will give you an evil smile, thinking to yourself that you have thought about doing those kind of things at some point in your life but never acted on it. It is a story about how much someone can love someone else, and there is nothing that they wouldn’t do for love. It is a story about fighting for what you want, even if it means killing a few people along the way. True love. Well someone’s definition of true love. The final episode did set us up for a season two… hopefully.

During this show, there are a lot of things that happen that boy does to ensure the girl is his, and this is where I get slightly annoyed with the writers/researchers. I have been in the criminal justice business for many years and know my fair share of laws and procedures when it comes to catching a killer, searching for a missing person or thing, and it's common that research done on that for those particular parts falls very short or is inconsistent.

Example one: At one point boy steals girls phone to spy on her. Boy keeps girls phone on at all times to read all texts and even posts on her behalf when he needs to. Girl looked for her phone for a while but eventually gives up and gets a new one. Now, the old one somehow is still connected and he can see everything she is doing on her new phone. My question is how is that possible? Why didn’t she do a find my phone? And even on a much later episode a laptop goes 'missing' and boy even suggests to use find my laptop to find it.

Example two: Burning a body. In a park. Where people are walking. Seriously? Either those people walking by are really really stupid or have zero sense of smell or both. I don’t get it. You can’t walk by a giant bonfire of a decomposing body burning and smell nothing! Decay smells, burnt flesh and hair smells. It is distinct. But apparently not in this show.

Besides me being picky on certain criminal elements of the show, I do believe that someone without my extensive knowledge of the subject would have no issues and probably wouldn’t think twice about it. Can technical things be improved? Yes. Would it really change the flow of the story if fixed? No.

All in all, I do recommend this series. Just don’t get too technical while watching it. Do what I did. Remind yourself that this is for entertainment purposes only.

And apparently, You was a novel written by Caroline Kepnes in 2014. It was turned into a Netflix original series in 2018 right after it aired on Lifetime. It is still considered a Netflix original because Lifetime did not want to pick up the second season. I did not know this until I was researching the cast. Now that I know, I am afraid to read the book, wondering how different it is from the show and knowing what happens next. If you have read the book and seen the show, please let me know what you think in the comments below!


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