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To the Extreme: A Review of Live Girls by Evan Romero

We don't have to like every single book, even books by authors we respect. For Evan, this one didn't quite make the grade.


Post by Evan Romero

Vampires are not at all my thing. I find those fanged ding-dongs, and the stories they’re involved in, about as exciting staring at dried paint. However, when I heard about Ray Garton’s Live Girls, I thought, Vampires in Times Square? How can this not be a winner? Well, somehow, someway, Garton managed to make it a loser.

LIVE GIRLS by Ray Garton Pocket Books, January 1987

Davey Owen is a spineless wimp. He lets his boss and coworkers walk all over him, let his ex-girlfriend sleep with other men, works a job he doesn’t like because he’s too scared to go find another. However, his life begins to change when he stumbles upon Live Girls, a sleazy strip club run by vampires! After getting his pecker bitten in a nudie booth, Davey slowly begins to change. Could this be a new and exciting phase in his life? Or, will it lead to a generic pl…

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